vino india is an e-newsletter that brings news, views and reviews from the market for wine in India.
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Our Mission

vino india is an e-newsletter (of the most recent vintage 2015) that brings news, views and reviews from the market for wine in India. vino india has been founded on the commitment that our content is not "patronage driven". All trade professionals as well as consumers - both in India and overseas - will be vino india readers. vino india will take you along as it innovates - and challenges - established convention. It will be the endeavour of the team at vino india to hear you, so that we can be better.

Our Team

Chief Executive
Rajiv Singhal
is an entrepreneur who founded Group Ritu in 1993. He studied Economics at Yale University and the London School of Economics and since then has simplified access to the complex Indian market for international clients and pioneered activities in the luxury sector in India. In recognition of his role in building the market for wines and champagne in India, he was appointed Chevalier de l'Ordre National du Merite by the President of the French Republic in July 2014. He is the Publisher & Editor of India's first officially recognised wine magazine, FINE Wine & Champagne India and is the Ambassador of Champagne to India.
Rajiv Singhal
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